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Animal Crackers
As funny as it sounds, our staff and website editor often receive emails and inquiries about the animals contained in animal crackers. Many of our web guests let us know when new or special edition animals are released for certain animal crackers brands. We are very appreciative of these efforts to keep us up to date and informed on the subject, and in many cases we will continue to publish the news about these events here on our site. If you yourself have created your own animal shape for homemade animal crackers, then please feel free to snap a quick photo of it, and then send it to us for publishing. My own children go through phases where they research certain animals, or hear about them on National Geographic, and then of course they come to me asking if I can make them in the next cracker batch. Thus far I have created animal crackers for my kids by request of a flying squirrel, racoon, chipmunk, blue whale, and kitten.

Making your own cracker cutters for animal crackers animals from raw tin or aluminum, can be quite difficult. The easy way to make them is to buy any number of the large custom cookie cutter kits that are available for purchase. Many of these kits can be purchased online at stores like Amazon, or you might even be able to find them in your local kitchen appliances shop. In most cases the tin will come in a long roll, and with that the kit will also include small fasteners. If you aren't real crafty then no worries, as there are tons of preshaped cutters that you can buy, and many of them are specifically made for small animal crackers or cookies. These preshaped cutter packages are generally very cheap, and tend to last a long time for repeated use. If you need help locating these baking utensils at an online store, then please feel free to drop us an email, and we will do our very best to help you out.

The average box of brand name animal crackers usually contains between twelve and twenty different individual animal shapes. The most popular animal shapes are included in most brands, and include an elephant, tiger, lion, kangaroo, bear, elephant, monkey, cougar, hippopotamus, gorilla, giraffe, and rhinoceros. These brands will usually also have their own unique and exclusive animal shapes, so that they can have somewhat of a unique market appeal. These shapes have been known to include penguins, koalas, alligators, turtles, rams, and dogs. If you are aware of any other unique or rare shaped animal crackers, then please be sure to drop us a note, so that we can include them in our list here. The brand Barnum's so far is the leader in the number of different animal crackers that they have used throughout the duration of their snacks. Thus far the total number is thirty seven, with many of those now being discontinued.

When it comes to baking crackers, you don't always have to use animal shaped cutters. Often times during the holiday season, I will make holiday theme crackers instead of animal crackers. In these cases the recipe itself doesn't change, just the cutter shapes do. For example during Christmas, I will use cutters shaped like little angels, Christmas trees, little Santas, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes, and little bells. When it comes to baking crackers during Halloween, it's always fun to use cracker cutters shaped like ghosts, pumpkins, witches, moons, cats, or owls. Thanksgiving is another perfect time of the year for festive crackers, examples of shapes you can use for this holiday would include pumpkins, corn cobs, little turkeys, maple leaves, or even little acorns. The remaining major holiday for themed crackers, would be Easter of course, a time when you can make crackers shaped as little bunnies, eggs, or baskets. Cheers, and thanks for reading through this article.
Animal Crackers Animals
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