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Since launching our website, we occasionally receive requests for the song lyrics to Shirley Temple's Animal Crackers In My Soup. Unfortunately due to copyright concerns, we cannot post these lyrics here on our website. There are numerous websites online however that have authorized copies of the lyrics, so please browse around the internet for those. If you head over to YouTube or any of the popular music video sharing websites, then you will be able to watch the original song performed by Shirley Temple in black and white. There is even an extended version available over at YouTube, lasting nearly four minutes. Watching the video is a testament to the quality of performances that were given during that time, a refined artform that sort of seems lost in the splash of high technology driven contemporary cinema. Even if you're not a fan of the old black and white's, do check it out as the video is just absolutely adorable.

The original song Animal Crackers In My Soup was performed by Shirley Temple. The song debuted in the 1935 Irving Cummings film entitled Curly Top. The lyrics for the song were created by Ted Koehler and Irving Caesar, and the music was composed by Ray Henderson. The song became an instant hit right after it's release, primarily due to the memorable performance given by the young Shirley Temple. She was seven years old at the time, and already very well known as an actress. Due to it's popularity, the first verse of the song was performed in 1966 by Barbra Streisand in Color Me Barbra Medley. In 1980 the song was covered again, this time by Joanie Bartels in her Sillytime Magic album. There have been numerous other covers of the song throughout the years, as well as many pop cultural references. What's amazing about the song, is that it was a large enough hit to carve out it's own long term stand alone legacy.

With regard to the movie Curly Top itself, it was originally released in 1935. The film was produced by Winfield R. Sheehan and written by Patterson McNutt and Arthur J. Beckhard. The central theme of the movie focuses on the life of a young orphan played by Shirley Temple, and a wealthy bachelor played by John Boles. Bole's character also has a romantic link to Temple's character's older sister who is played by Rochelle Hudson. Temple's character is named Elizabeth Blair, and she resides in a place called Lakeside Orphanage. The orphanage is supervised by a strict committee who run the place, making life there somewhat depressing and dreary. During the song performance, the committee storms into the room where Temple's character is singing, and all the children get into trouble for messing around in the dining hall. Throughout the movie Elizabeth Blair often gets into trouble, because she has far too much energy for strict orphanage and it's management.

If you are interested in black and white films from the 30s, then you will really enjoy this movie. All of the acting performances are very strong, as are the musical performances. The film runs for 74 minutes in length, making it a fairly standard length film by today's standards. The movie is widely available for purchase at places like Amazon, or various other DVD shops. Shirley Temple also has an official website, where you can buy any of her films, as well as different collectibles and gifts that feature the actress. We hope you enjoyed this brief article, do check out the film if you get a chance. With regard to the song lyrics, check in all of the major search engines, as they are readily available. We would also like to encourage you to browse around our website some more, as we have tons of animal crackers recipes and articles to read through. Cheers, and thanks again for visiting our animal crackers portal.
Shirley Temple Animal Crackers In My Soup Song Lyrics
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