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Animal Crackers
We're often asked by our web visitors which store or stores has the best selection of animal crackers. In our experience, large grocery store chains such as Safeway always seem to have the best selection. Our local supermarket stocks just about every known animal crackers brand, and also sells the many flavor varieties as well. They can sometimes be difficult to locate in large grocery stores, so be sure and ask a clerk if you are having trouble. With regard to small grocery stores or quick marts, you will probably find animal crackers for sell, however they may only have one or two brands to choose from, and probably just a couple of the flavors. The crackers are so common within the United States, that it would be strange to walk into a large or small grocery store, and not be able to find them for sell. If you come up empty handed at one grocery store, then keep looking as I'm sure you'll come across them eventually.

Ordering animal crackers over the internet is very easy to do, especially at stores like Amazon. To make this endeavor cost practical however, you should order them over the internet in bulk. Internet prices do usually seem higher than prices you will find at your local grocery store, plus you will also have to pay for shipping costs. Another concern that you should have regarding buying animal crackers online, is that sometimes the crackers can arrive either smashed, or with a bad expiration date. To avoid those two problems, it's a good idea to order them from a large and trustworthy internet shop. Also before you order them, make sure that you check the store's return or exchange policy, that way you know what do if your animal crackers arrive damaged or inedible. I highly recommend Amazon when buying food online, as they have a solid return policy, and they are very professional and trustworthy in handling the perishable goods.

If you are located outside of the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom, then you might have trouble finding animal crackers for sell either at local stores, or over the internet. I have seen various brands of animal crackers available while traveling in Eastern Europe, so the idea seems to be catching on pretty quickly in places where they weren't previously available. I wasn't able to locate them however in various parts of Asia and South America, however I have been told by people that they are available, but a little harder to come by. If you happen to enjoy animal crackers, yet you don't have access to them in your part of the world, then speak to the manager of your local grocery store, and tell them that if they stocked them, then you would be a regular buyer. In most cases you'll find the store owners don't order the crackers because they don't know about them.

Another great place to buy animal crackers, is at your local bakery. I actually like to eat the fresh made variety more than the mass produced varieties, as the flavor is generally better. Not all bakeries within the United States make them of course, but many do. One of our local bakeries even sells them in three separate flavors, chocolate, cheese, and regular honey flavored. If you haven't tried fresh made animal crackers, then be sure to check with your local bakery, as they are absolutely delicious. Fresh made crackers are generally healthier to eat as well, because they don't have any preservatives. Some vegetarian shops also sell them fresh made, so if you are adverse to eating animal products or animal by-products, then vegan animal crackers are obviously the way to go. That concludes this brief article on shopping for animal crackers. Please drop us a note if you have any questions or comments. We would also like to encourage you to check out our animal crackers recipes.
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