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Animal Crackers
We often receive emails regarding how many animal crackers shapes are in each box. So we have finally decided to address this question by researching the top brands of animal crackers, and finding out how many shapes they feature per product. Obviously we can't cover all of the animal cracker brands, as there are hundreds just within the United States alone, and globally there are probably thousands of brands altogether. Animal crackers are quite popular outside of the US in places like Canada, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, and many other countries. With most brands the base shapes are of a tiger, elephant, monkey, lion, camel, elephant, rhinoceros, turtle, giraffe, hippopotamus, bear, and other well known creatures. However, often times each brand will feature shapes that are off the beaten path, such as a koala, seal, mountain goat, or less popular animal.

The most popular brand of animal crackers is very likely to be Barnum's Animal Crackers, which have been produced since 1903. The brand has featured 54 separate unique animal shapes throughout the years, however currently they only make 19 of them. Per standard two ounce box you will likely receive 22 individual crackers, however you might not receive each of the nineteen shapes. In my own personal experience, each box generally contains between ten and fifteen separate shapes, with the occasional broken fragments of others. The full list of shapes includes a camel, koala, polar bear, hyena, hippopotamus, giraffe, cougar, monkey, lion, elephant, bear, kangaroo, gorilla, tiger, rhinoceros, sheep, seal, bison, and zebra. In most cases these cracker shapes are very easy to identify, and the taste really doesn't get any better than Barnum's brand if you ask me. They're sweet and crunchy, yet not overly sweet like typical cookies.

The second most popular brand of animal crackers, has to be Stauffer's animal crackers. This brands currently produces 13 total shapes. These shapes include an elephant, bear, ibex, tiger, cow, house cat, hippopotamus, buffalo, lion, mountain goat, rhinoceros, camel, and a horse. I am not a huge fan of Stauffer's brand animal crackers, as they aren't sweet enough for me. They have a biscuit like flavor, and the animal shapes can be very difficult to identify, as they don't tend to have a lot of definition to them. The crackers are very great snacks for small children, as generally speaking the least amount of sugar for kids the better. There are sweeter flavors outside of the plain variety, such as chocolate, cinnamon, iced, and cotton candy. If you enjoy biscuits then you will probably love these crackers. However if you like your crackers to taste more like cookies, then you will likely lean towards other brands.

The third most popular brand that we will be discussing, is the Austin Zoo animal crackers brand. This brand of animal crackers currently features 12 total shapes. These shapes include a ram, rhinoceros, zebra, bear, lion, rabbit, turtle, camel, penguin, elephant, owl, and a monkey. The shapes can sometimes be difficult to make out, however they're more defined than the Stauffer's brand of animal crackers. These crackers are also a very lightly sweetened cracker type, almost like a fluffy biscuit. If you are losing weight, or need a low sugar snack to give to your young children, then these are the crackers for you. They're low in calories, fat, and sodium, and also have some nutrition in them. That concludes this article, we hope you now have a better idea as to how many shapes there are in the most popular animal crackers brands. Do continue to read through our website, as we have tons of recipes to read through.
How Many Animal Crackers Shapes Are In Each Box
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