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Animal Crackers
We get many inquiries regarding The Animal Crackers band, so although it doesn't relate in any way to our food related website, I thought I better write up a quick overview of the band for those of you searching for information. Prior to researching them, I honestly had never heard of them before, so if any of the information that I've posted below seems outdated or old, then please feel free to submit an update to me. If you have any questions about the band themselves or tour dates, then you will need to visit their official web page, as I am unable to answer any questions about them. After briefly familiarizing myself with their music, I can say that it's definitely worth listening to if you have the time. YouTube and other online video websites have a decent archive of their music, along with videos clips of the band members performing. For information on the band, please read the paragraphs below that I've written.

The Animal Crackers are a band or musical group operating out of Cincinnati Ohio. They are comprised of a number of MCs, DJs, and music producers. They got their start in the early nineties, when Casual T, The Cincinnati Kid, and King SMO joined talents. In the early days they performed at local clubs and venues, without substantial national coverage. Later on they eventually expanded by adding Mike B and DQ to their group, which helped expand their fan base and exposure. By the late nineties The Animal Crackers began to gain a larger fan base, and they were eventually forced to perform at larger venues to accommodate this increase. In addition to providing live performances at these larger concert halls and clubs, they would also host emcee battles, which grew quite popular. Around this time, the band also again expanded it's artist lineup, this time with talented new members Unseen and Dirty Ru.

With regard to the current members of the group, they include Casual T, DJ DQ, Dirty Ru, King SMO, Mike B, The Nati Kid, and Topspeed. There are also secondary members which include EQ, Haiku, Philly Phil, and Mr. Dibbs. A previous member called Unseen, unfortunately passed away in 2006. Most of the group members have a long history of music experimentation, each adding their own unique sound to the group's musical blend. The band members also dabble in numerous side projects such as FamGemz, Khankrete, and Glue. The members have also launched solo recording projects, such as Casual T adding his music to skate videos, and some other DVDs. Most of these projects have been within the United States music scene, however on occasion some of the members have made contributions to European projects. For a more complete and up to date list of their tour dates and past appearances, please visit the group's official website or MySpace page.

The group has released four full length albums. The first album was released in 2001, and is entitled Animal Cracker Break Neck Volume 1. The release was mainly a break beat album. Their second studio album was released in the same year of 2001, and was entitled Just Add Water, which was mostly a collection of live concerts and performances. Their third album was entitled Vanilla Hater Breaks, which was a follow up album to their first release. And finally their fourth album was entitled National Geoplastic, which was released in 2004. If you are interested in purchasing any of their albums, or if you would like to listen to track samples, then both can be done at Amazon. That concludes this brief crash course article. If you are interested in reading more information about The Animal Crackers, then do be sure and check out their MySpace page, or visit their official website. Cheers, and thanks for reading.
The Animal Crackers Band
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